It wasn’t too long ago that a baby boomer columnist from Melbourne earned the collective scorn of millennials when he said that the reason the young cannot buy houses is because they like to eat $20 avocado on toast for breakfast. So I guess we can’t really call ourselves true Aussies until we start eating fancy breakfasts on weekends ourselves.

Which brings us to Rogue Bar + Bistro. Let’s start with the omelette ($19).

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-09 at 11.07.31 AM.jpeg
Omelette – pork belly + forest mushrooms + harissa yogurt + baby spinach + onion jam + balsamic aioli

The star of this dish, I think, are the grey blobs of balsamic aioli around the plate. It was rich, with no hint of any vinegar. The eggs themselves are nice and fluffy, and the pork belly inside is melt in your mouth, but it is the aioli that binds the flavours together.

unnamed (2).jpg
Omelette on the inside

Next up, we have the waffle.

Savoury waffle – popcorn chicken + fried egg + duck fat aioli + carrot jam + maple

Nothing like duck fat and carrot jam to make you feel posh eh? The popcorn chicken was well seasoned and crispy enough, and having runny yolk over a waffle is always a treat. The carrot jam was fantastic, not too sweet and just compliments the saltiness of the chicken and eggs perfectly.

unnamed (3).jpg
Cross-section of the waffle

The waffle was denser than the usual fare, but works well with the rest of the dish. It also has what looks like carrot in the mix, which is rather unusual. However, I’m not quite sure if it made much of a difference in the waffle.

This restaurant does all three meals, but we have yet yo try their lunch and dinner menus. It looks to be set up to deal with private functions as well. The dining hall on the upstairs looks like it would be perfect for a nice dinner party.

 unnamed (4).jpg

This place gets busy on Sunday mornings, so prior bookings are recommended. We arrived right at opening time and there was already a small crowd waiting to get in.

Rogue Bar + Bistro
14 Austin St, Newstead QLD
Wed-Fri from 5.30pm
Sat – 8-12pm + from 5.30pm
Sun – 8am-12pm