Brunch! What a lovely meal to have on weekends after a good walk at the farmer’s market! Being in Brisbane, we are quite spoilt for choice in the brunch department. Every suburb wil have a local go-to which serves the best everything with the friendliest people. Even in the city, it doesn’t fall short on the quality or the quantity of cafes serving up delicious brunch on the weekends.

Suburban West End is your typical brunch place with all sorts of yummy goodness. When we came on a Sunday morning, there were barely any tables left with the number of people congregating there. The venue is quite large for a brunch place and can sit quite many people. They were also proving to be quite popular with take aways via UberEats.

(R) Flat White, (L) Matcha Latte

The baristas never had a moment to sit down, the orders were just piling in from the time we came until the time we left. As with coffee in Brisbane, this I have recently discovered, it is hard to stumble into bad coffee. The city takes pride in roasting their coffee well, servng their coffee well and drinking their coffee well. The flat white was strong on flavour but did not have the bitter aftertaste to require any sugar. The matcha latte was good. Coming from me, that’s a pretty big compliment considering I do it at home all the time and I am quite the fan of matcha lattes (and a pretty strict critic on that matter). The matcha isn’t burnt so there is no bitter flavour from the sips. They use regular milk (you can’t have matcha lattes with soy milk, it needs the fat) and that brings out the creaminess of it. I absolutely loved their matcha latte.

Potato & ham hash at Suburban West End

The Potato & Ham Hash (pictured above) was served with two excellently poached eggs, a relish of sorts, rocket salad and pickled baby carrots. The hash itself had good bite-able ham and mashed potato which was seasoned well. I wasn’t a big fan of the pickled baby carrot because it was so sour but it did add a dimension of flavour which varied the overall taste of the dish.

Pork burger at Suburban West End

Going under the grand title of Burger & Chips on their menu, this was a pulled pork burger that did not have BBQ sauce (quite a nice departure from your usual pulled pork burger). The bun was so-so and the slaw was quite regular. The bacon jam was delicious. It made the burger really good. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet, just a hint of sweetness that went well with the meat. The chips were fried well and wasn’t oily at all. For the grand price of $16, I’d say this was worth it.

Suburban West End
220 Melbourne St, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Opens everyday 7am – 2pm