I’ve always had a thing for Middle Eastern food ever since I was introduced to it in my university days. At that time, the small suburb that my college was in was just coming out of being a palm oil plantation. It was aspiring to be a bustling satellite city with as much life as it could contain in the night time as it would in the day time. Commercial rent was intentionally cheap and the university was host to 71 nationalities. It was a pretty good place to open a foreign food restaurant.

Farah Restaurant is not in the city. However, I must say it was worth the half an hour drive from Toowong. The first thing you would notice about this restaurant is that it is housed in a complex of multiple townhouses. It serves as a club house cafe for the residents there and it is in an extremely quiet neighbourhood, quite near the Griffith University Nathan Campus. You won’t see flashing signs of the restaurant but when you get to the end of the road, turn right to enter the visitor carpark. The restaurant will be right behind/in front of you where you park. Enter through the small door and walk all the way in where you will be greeted with wooden screens and white tableclothes on tables.

Wooden screens at Farah Restaurant

For a restaurant that brands itself Persian, I was quite disappointed that they did not have Gheimeh on their menu. I loved it from the first time I ate it, a hearty wholesome meal that would serve as my comfort food on a rainy cold day. However, the rest of their offering was not too shabby. Their price point was also quite good. A good plate of what you see below (lamb kofta) was $22 and the rest of the menu hovered between $16 and $48 for various dishes.

Salad accompanying the Maza Platter for 2
Maza Platter for 2 (photo was taken halfway through the meal; forgotten due to the yumminess of the meal)

The Maza Platter for 2 is a huge serving of all the types of meat they have on the menu. It is a fantastic way to try all there is without having to order every single type on the menu, for future reference. It had both lamb and chicken meat, both diced, minced and large pieces. It was served with olives, lime and grilled tomatoes. It also came with the salad, hummus and tzatziki (photo above) and bread to dip in. This definitely fed two happily.

Lamb Kofta and Seven Flavours Tea



The lamb kofta was served with rice, olives, grilled chili and tomato with a lime. Squeeze the lime all over the meat and dig in. The meat was tender and juicy, it didn’t have the strong lamb smell that one usually gets a whiff off with lamb and the rice was fluffy and light. There was butter in the rice, which made for just that bit richer taste.

They had an interesting blend of tea which was served with crystalised sugar (candied sugar) infused with saffron. The tea was flavoured with seven different herbs/flowers and was amazingly delicious. The concoction includes mint, cinnamon, cardomon, rose water, borage, lemon and saffron. Definitely something to order after a good full meal.

Farah Restaurant
45 Barrett St, Robertson QLD 4109
Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday
Open from 5pm – 10pm (opens for lunch on the weekends)