I used to want a million and one toppings on my pizza until I discovered proscuitto. The sweet flavour of dried out fat and paper thin texture of meat should be eaten on its own or with very little condiments. So it was when I discovered places putting proscuitto on their pizzas, I went with the adage of “little is more”. Nowadays, I love trying proscuitto pizzas with a hint of basil and a slather of tomato puree with sprinkles of cheese.


However, that was not to be when we went to Sorellina this time around. Their proscuitto didn’t make it to the shop that day ($24). Oh well, their menu had other fabulous such as speck & mushroom (that includes mozzarella, red onion, oregano and smoked paprika – $23) and tuscan kale with mozzarella, anchovy, chili sauce and parmesan ($22).

Potato, panchetta, smoked mozzarella, parmesan & rosemary pizza at Sorellina

We tried the potato, panchetta, smoked mozzarella, parmesan and rosemary pizza ($23) instead. The pizza base isn’t very thick and it was somewhere in the middle of a dense type of bread and a light one. It was quite chewy and possibly cooked in a wood fire oven, looking at the burnt sides (burnt crust is not my thing). The pizza base was just thick enough to hold the toppings without giving way. It had a mild flavour to it. The potato was three quarters cooked through, so I still got the bite while eating and not a soggy-ish kind of potato texture, which was lovely. There was too little panchetta for my liking but that meant that the pizza wasn’t overly salty. Topping it up with chilli flakes was the bomb. I liked the spicy bursts in my mouth while chewing on my pizza.

Mozzarella bites at Sorellina

Before the pizza came round however, we had an appetizer of mozzarella bites ($11). I can have three servings of this just on its own. It was loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeely! The tomato sauce with basil on its side was a perfect accompaniment, neither overly sweet nor sour. The cheese balls themselves were crunchy, just the right amount of salt and served at slightly higher than room temperature, which meant I didn’t burn my tongue and the roof of my mouth greedily popping one ball after another.

They had other appetizers on the menu as well such as fried zucchini ($9), garlic bread ($10), charred corn ($8), calamari ($14) and meatballs ($12). I like the fact that the menu was just large enough to be able to have a number of choices but not so large as to invite indecisiveness.

Service, however, was the most excellent aspect of our night. We were seated outside (because it was nice weather) and we were the only table outside. More often than not, this means I would have to walk in or wave them down crazily to get their attention. These guys came out often to check on us to see if we needed anything. Two thumbs up for the service here!

31 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Opens everyday except Mondays, 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch, 5pm to 9.00pm for dinner