Fritzen – fries, berger – burger? Don’t take my word for it, I don’t speak a word of Dutch or German, but I think that might be a pretty good guess?

This place in Petrie Terrace serves good wholesome burgers with heavenly fries. Their menu is simple, you have one option each of chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian burger and either loaded fries, normal fries or sugar frites (that’s churros). The highlight of it all is that you salt your own fries. Look, I love fries, but sometimes places disappoint, especially when they concentrate all their efforts in the burgers and none on the fries. Fritzenberger has a different philosophy.

Loaded fries, wings and a cheeseburger at Fritzenberger

Their fries are thick and whole, it doesn’t taste like potato powder, it has a heft to it. As you bite into it, it’s not an afterthought, it is a whole meal of its own. There is a salt counter where they have different types of salt should you want to be adventurous and try different flavours on your fries, they include chicken salt, rosemary salt and many others.

Their burger is simple, good-not-so-thick bun, meat which is cooked medium rare, cheese, your usual salad on it and wrapped up snugly for easy access. They’ve got wings too and the one we took (a serve of 8). The sauce was not blindingly spicy so I still had my tastebuds attached nicely. It came with a side of blue cheese dip with celery which served as a nice break in between the wings.

The sugar frites, however, was nice as it was. It was 6 churros stick coated with sugar, so it tasted quite sweet on its own. The toffee sauce that came with it (there is an option of chocolate sauce as well) was quite solid so it wouldn’t quite qualify as a sauce, more like toffee solids to chew on.

Pale ale at Fritzenberger

Fritzenberger also brews their own beer! We had the pale ale and the lager, both tasted quite light. They also had an apricot brew which was fruity and even lighter than the lager. If you’re a fan of light beers, this might just work for you. If you like super dry stuff, you might want to stick to the more commercially branded ones, which they also have.

52 Petrie Terrace, QLD 4000
Open everyday 11.30am to midnight
Parking – you could get away with parking at The Barracks (if you can find a parking inside), 2 first hours free – beyond that is expensive