Over the weekend, we drove ourselves up to Sunshine Coast to enjoy a little bit of the beach in the sun and naturally, one gets hungry after a while. In a little nook called Mooloolaba, there are a number of small restaurants and cafes to feed hungry stomachs after a splash in the sea.

Fisheries on the Spit looked family run, with chairs and tables outside the restaurant. They had quite a large menu of fishes to choose from where you can have it fried, battered, grilled or grilled with garlic sauce. The fishes ranged from Mahi Mahi to snapper to barramundi and others. They also had squids, prawns, lobsters, oysters, bugs and even frozen seafood for you to purchase and cook it at your own convenience.

Kilpatrick oysters

We had the Kilpatrick Pacific oysters, which were a little more expensive than the Sydney Rock but were significantly larger ($15 compared to $12 for a serve of half a dozen oysters). They were juicy and the sauce had a sour tinge to it. The oysters also come in a mornay sauce version, if you like cream on your oysters.

Grilled snapper

We also had the grilled fish with garlic butter (snapper). It may look plain and simple but it was full of fresh goodness. Add chicken salt to it (available at the counter when you pick your food up) and squeeze the lemons on it to give you that nice bite in the summer’s heat. There wasn’t a very strong garlicky taste to the fish, just a hint of it, quite mild. This portion was a little too large for myself, I had to share it. But if you have a bigger capacity than I do (which most people do) then this would be an ideal portion.

The joint is a very casual place. Fishes are displayed for ease of deciding. You order your food and drinks at your convenience at the counter, get a number printed on your receipt and wait for your number to be called out. Then add the condiments that are available on the collection counter, then sit back and enjoy your food.

Fisheries on the Spit
21 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba QLD 4557
Open everyday (except Christmas) 6.30am to 7.30pm