I was wondering what my first review would be on and I decided it would most definitely be one of my favourite haunts across town, Taro’s Ramen. They do have branches in the CBD, we’re talking Brisbane here, but apparently, some foodies in town has discovered the one in Ascot serves the best of them all. We’ve decided, that if you need good tasting ramen, do yourself a favour and go all the way to Ascot about 30-40 minutes before closing time. That’s when the ramen broth becomes thick with flavour and is amazingly delicious.


Fire Tonkatsu Ramen at Taro’s Ramen

From the various ramen that we have tried there, including the Miso ramen and the red ramen, we have concluded that the Fire Tonkatsu Ramen is by far the superior one. Do note however, that if you are unable to take spicy food, this will not be the dish you would want to order.

The Fire Tonkatsu Ramen that we ordered was with additional cha siu and spicyness. The broth is rich and flavourful but quite clear. It was hearty and satisfyingly thick. The noodles can be ordered to your liking, whether you prefer it to be harder or softer and you can order extra condiments such as cha siu, bamboo shoots, seaweed, egg and others. The price for your ramen varies according to what you want added in your basic ramen (you would have the option of upsizing it, adding more noodles or adding more soup, etc.). The basic ramen starts at about $14-15. If you’re really hungry, I would recommend upsizing it (an extra $5). I get really full with just their basic size though. Waiting for your ramen is a usual practice here, even if there are just two or three tables, so be patient for the awesome goodness in a bowl.

Spoon slurping goodness

They have other offerings too if you’re not that into ramen but your entire party is. My favourites by far is the cha siu rice (a nice small portion of preserved vegetables, chopped up cha siu, rice and their own spicy sauce) at only $4.40 and the ponzu drenched tori karaage (thrice fried chicken) at $8.80.

The space in their Ascot restaurant is small, if you’re vying to sit inside, there is a total of only 22 seats but there are more seats on the outside of the restaurant. You can park in the rear side of the restaurant or find one on Racecourse Rd. Their ordering system is through an iPad, which is fantastic because it means no need to wait around for a wait staff to come get your order and their iPad ordering system is pretty intuitive.

Taro’s Ramen (Ascot)
1/145 Racecourse Rd, Ascot QLD 4007
Opens from 11.30am to 3pm, closes and reopens at 5.30pm to 9pm (everyday)